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TE37 Plastic Hubcentric Centre cap page

Pro Spec Imports designed hubcentric locating centre caps offer a uniquely engineered solution to the problem of no centre cap wheels.


 Features and info:

  • They not only look great but also function perfectly as a hubcentric spacer ring. Adapting the vehicle hub spigot to the wheel bore size to improve fitment and help minimize vibration. 
  • Made from tough, impact, heat and chemical-resistant black plastic. 
  • Integrated O-ring design ensures a snug fit into the wheel that seals all water and debris from getting past.
  • Guaranteed to NEVER lose a centre cap! You need to remove your wheel and fit the centre cap from the inside, this means it can never come off while driving! 
  • Due to the many variations in the TE37 face thickness the centre cap height may vary from the wheel face height. 
  • Available in black only -  they can be easily painted to suit your wheels or car, which we recommend for long-life protection - more details below.