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Work Meister S1 3P Centre Caps 'Plain Top' to suit all Toyota and Lexus - Chaser, MR2, Soarer, Supra, SC300 etc

  • $145.00

Functional, stylish, and impossible to lose... What more could you ask from a centre cap? 


Pro Spec Imports exclusive design hubcentric locating centre caps offer a functional solution to the problem of no centre caps wheels. 


Now available for both 18" and 19" wheels - choose from drop down menu


Please note these only fit 5 x 114.3 PCD Work Meister's 


 Features and info:

  • They not only look great but also function perfectly as a hubcentric spacer ring. Adapting the Toyota 60mm hub to the Work Wheel bore size to improve fitment and help to minimize vibration. 
  • Made from tough impact, heat and chemical resistant Nylon. 
  • Integrated O-ring design ensures snug fit into wheel that seals all water and debris from getting past.
  • Guaranteed to NEVER lose a centre cap! You need to remove your wheel and fit the centre cap from the inside, this means it can never come off while driving! 
  • NOTE: They come in the Black nylon finish only -  they can be easily painted to suit your wheels or car, which we recommend for long life protection.

What do you get?

  • 4 x high quality hubcentric centre caps including the 4 x O-rings needed for correct installation.
  • Pro Spec Imports Sticker.


What do they fit?

  • Toyota and Lexus - Chaser, MR2, Soarer, Supra, SC300 etc



  • Set of 4 x Centre caps including O-rings = $220 AUD


    For Shipping costs and ETA's CLICK HERE


    Installation info:

    • Follow the instructions for all 4 wheels.
    • You must remove the wheel for installation. 
    • If you have hubcentric rings fitted in the wheel or on the vehicles centre hub spigot they must be removed. 
    • Test fit the centre cap onto the vehicles centre hub spigot first, ensure it locates neatly on the centre hub spigot and sits flush against the hub face with no gap.
    • Then remove the centre cap from the vehicle hub and add a small amount of vaseline or grease to the O-ring before installing into the wheel. 
    • Now fit the centre cap to the inside of the wheel, they are a snug fit, ensure they are lubed first, pushing on the edges of the centre cap push them right in and ensure they are seated flush with the wheel face and not protruding.
    • Now the centre caps are fitted you can put the wheels back on, note how the centre cap locates the wheel hubcentrically onto the hub. This will centre the wheel more accurately, improving fitment and reducing possible vibration. 
    • **IMPORTANT** Ensure the wheel is fully seated against the hub face and there is no interference or issues before tightening the wheel. 


      Paint info:

      • The product is made from a tough Nylon that can easily be painted, which will make them look even better and also be more resistant to the elements. 
      • DIY spray can painting is simple and can have great results if done correctly.
      • First you mask up the area where the O-ring is, as you don't want to paint that.
      • Plastic primer goes on next, we recommend Tamiya spray can.
      • Then apply paint colour of choice, again we recommend Tamiya as they are the best quality and finish with a massive range of colours available.
      • Clear coat to finish will add some depth and extra protection, Tamiya have this  covered also.
      • Or, alternatively you can take it to your local car painter, tell him its Nylon and have them paint it in 2K for the ultimate paint finish.


           Want to know if these fit your wheels? 

          • These may well fit other wheels, we have confirmed they fit TE37SLs also. If you have another set of wheels and need centre caps contact us here and we will help to find out if they fit. 


          For 'Offroad / Show use' only