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Custom Supra Handbrake Handle Replacement - Fitting Instructions

PSI Custom Supra Handbrake Handle Replacement Fitting Instructions

Thank you for the purchase of the Pro Spec Imports Custom Supra Handbrake Handle Replacement. Please note these instructions are only a guide. Please wear all appropriate safety equipment and follow at your own risk.


Installation Instructions:

  1. First you need to remove your old handbrake handle leather, locate the stitching underneath. 
  2. Then using a sharp craft knife carefully cut along the stitching 
  3. Pull the stitching open. 
  4. Peel the old leather back - Carefully cut around the handbrake button so the leather can be completely removed.
  5. Remove any excess leather around the button.
  6. Now your handbrake is ready to accept the new Pro Spec Custom handle: Slide on the new replacement handle and ensure it fits all the way to the end - tighten the grub screw underneath to hold it firmly in place.


Custom supra handbrake handle fitting pro spec imports