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'Stealth Edition' - Sniper Ring LED Supra tail lights

The most advanced LED Supra tail lights ever created are now available in the all new smoked out 'Stealth Edition'

Pro Spec imports stealth edition sniper ring led supra tails jza80 2jz 

Pricing, Warranty and Order Information

Stealth Edition Pricing: Each set is $2100 AUD if you send in your lights + looms to be converted, this price includes the extra for the LED tinting and the premium Obsidian Shadow Chrome paint finish. 
We can provide brand new Genuine Toyota lights + looms to convert for an additional $495 AUD. This is our preferred method as the final product is far superior to used lights. 

Warranty: Each set comes with a 2 year warranty.
*Warranty voided if they have been opened or tampered with in any way, this includes flood / water damage.

Install: They are plug and play, no modification needed. To stop hyper flash you will need to install the provided LED flasher relay (Simple 5 min DIY job)

Order Process: 50% deposit required to start the build with the final 50% required when they are finished. To order or enquire Contact Us

Wait Time: Initially they will be made in small batches, the wait time will depend on a number of factors. Estimate 6-12 weeks.
Custom orders: Want something a bit different? Custom colour on the bezels? Different layout for the park light rings? (centre 2 x park lights like OEM is a popular option). Get in touch and tell us what you want and we'll do our best to help Contact Us

- For legal reasons we recommend off-road / show use only.
- Because the LED's have different resistance ratings to the standard light bulbs the dash warning light for the tail lights will be on permanently. Thankfully we have an easy fix for this, to find out how Contact Us
- Currently there are no reflectors inside these lights as we wanted the cleanest possible design, if this is a problem for you then adding a reflector to the rear of the car is usually an acceptable solution, alternatively we can add a reflector to the light for extra just let us know. 
- For the UK people a fog light is also being looked into.
Stealth edition sniper ring led supra pro spec imports jza80



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Supra led tails pro spec imports sniper ring stealth jza80 carbon