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Supra Carbon Number Plate Garnishes and Backing Plate Fitting Instructions


Toyota Supra JZA80 / Mk4 Carbon Number Plate Garnishes and Backing Plate.


Thank you for the purchase of the Pro Spec Imports Carbon Number Plate Garnishes and Backing Plate. These fitting instructions are a guide only, we recommend professional installation and accept no liability regarding installation or use of this product. For ‘Offroad/Show Use only’


Fitting Carbon Backing Plate:

The mounting holes are pre-drilled to suit JDM Supra’s so you simply un-bolt your number plate then fit the carbon backing plate behind the number plate.

As noted on product page: USDM Supra has a narrower spacing for the number plate holes, so this will not be a direct bolt on (because it suits JDM). You can drill the new holes in the correct place in the carbon backing plate using the US license plate as a guide, then it will fit.


Fitting Carbon Garnishes:

  1. Test fit: Position the garnishes so they sit neatly to either side of your number plate or the carbon backing plate (this will depend on your number plate size).
  2. Clean the bumper and the back of the garnishes with wax and grease remover to ensure good adhesion.
  3. Onto the back of the garnishes along the protruding ridges that touch the bumper apply either.
  • 3M VHB double sided tape - heat with a hair dryer then press and hold firmly for 1min+. This is a less permanent solution.
  • Black Sikaflex 252 - use good quality masking tape to hold in place while it sets. This is a more permanent solution.

Follow the adhesive manufactures instructions and once it has fully set check they are firmly attached before using the vehicle.