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Carbon Fibre Centre Console Lid Cover Supra JZA80 Mk4

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Enhance the interior of your RHD JDM Supra with this high quality carbon fibre centre console lid cover


  • Made from real 100% Carbon fibre 3K twill weave
  • Stunning quality and fitment helps transform your interior into something more reminiscent of a modern day Supercar
  • Slips right over your existing console lid fitting snug and perfectly into place, to secure it you can use some 3M tape on the underside but its not strictly necessary as it sits in place without it. 
  • Fits Right Hand Drive JDM Mk4 A80 Supra all years 1993 to 2001.  


What you get:

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**This is just the Carbon Fibre Console Lid Cover, no other items are included.