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Carbon X Titanium Series Mk4 Supra Key

  • $ 129.00 AUD

 The Carbon X Titanium Series Supra Key is a dream come true. Combining the most exotic lightweight materials - Billet Titanium and Carbon Fibre, into a single seamless masterpiece.


"The CNC Machined Billet Titanium represents the bulletproof engineering of the A80 Supra, with the 6 x holes representing the mighty 2JZ’s 6 cylinders.

While the bespoke 100% Carbon Fibre Supra ‘S’ inlay represents the passion of customising, modifying, and enjoying these amazing JDM icons"


Because your Supra deserves it... 


Choose from 4 x different Titanium finishes, or buy all 4 in a Collectors set and save. 


  • Machine Finish Carbon X Titanium Key - $99 AUD
  • The finish is race inspired raw CNC Machined, the machine patterns vary from key to key making each key unique!


  • Frosted GR6 Carbon X Titanium Key  - $105 AUD
  • 'Frosted Titanium GR6' key features an amazing 'soft and silky' texture to the Billet Titanium key head.


  • Premium Polished Carbon X Titanium Key - $119 AUD
  • 'Premium Polished' Titanium Supra key has been carefully polished for a premium finish and feel.


  • Neo Chrome Carbon X Titanium Key - $129 AUD
  • Stunning bright multi colour coating that is tougher and more vibrant than burning the Titanium, due to the coating process colouring varies making each key unique!


  • Collectors set of all 4 keys - $399 AUD = SAVING OVER 10% 
  • Save by buying the collectors set of all 4 keys, set includes bonus solid metal collectable Supra coin (shown in product photos) - Please note when you add the Mini Shackle + Keychain pack to this set you will receive 4 x Mini Shackles + 4 x Keychains. 


    Features and info:

    • Key blank suits 1993 to 2001 Toyota Supra A80 Mk4. 
    • Extreme Quality - Each key head is made from CNC machined Billet Titanium GR6 and Supra 'S' inlay is 100% carbon fibre. 
    • Strictly Limited number batch production to retain highest quality product.
    • Special design utilises a standard Brass Blade section for normal key cutting ability and no excess wear on the locks.
    • Yes, you can take this key to any Locksmith to be cut just like a normal key ✔️
    • Each key comes in its own Red Pro Spec Imports soft touch flannel pouch (no animal products) - they make a great gift idea for that Supra enthusiast!
    • Original Pro Spec Imports Design.


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      Cutting the key: 

      The key 'blade' section is made from Brass - this means no increased wear on your locks and ignition. This also means you can take it to any Qualified Locksmith for cutting like a normal key blank, ensuring it is cut to the 'key code' only, and NOT 'copy cut' from the old key.