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TRD Style Supra Wing - Full Carbon

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New Premium Edition TRD wings by Pro Spec Imports are a cut above the rest.  



  • NEW: Brand new moulds made to improve an already excellent product. 
  • NEW: Steel M5 threaded inserts for the end cap screws, premium design with M5 machine screw fastening allowing Stainless Steel or Titanium dome headed cap screw hardware for the end caps.
  • Every wing is test fitted before shipping to ensure excellent fitment and quality.
  • Beautifully finished 3K twill weave carbon fibre blade, carbon fibre uprights and carbon fibre end caps.
  • Direct fit to the factory holes of the rear hatch JZA80 Supra all years, with that excellent fit and finish that Pro Spec Imports parts are famous for.
  • There are no stickers fitted to the wing (that's just on our demo car in the photos).
  • Each wing includes a care package with Pro Spec Imports vinyl stickers and other goodies. 


    Fitting the wing: **We recommend a professional body shop install the wing**

    • It is important to fit the wing correctly. 
    • Every wing is test fitted before shipping to ensure excellent fitment and quality.
    • Careful not to cross thread anything, never force any bolts, loosen and use a different angle if it doesn't seem right. 
    • Adding a length of foam or rubber tape around the base perimeter or using a rubber gasket under the bases will help to make a watertight seal onto the hatch. 
    • Install the wing bases first, making the bolts finger tight then loosened off so the base can move around freely. 
    • Then install the blade, make sure it is the correct way up! The bow or curve should be upwards (not downwards) when viewed from behind. Install the bolts finger tight at each end. 
    • Now tighten each wing base bolt (2 per side going through the hatch) equally going from side to side tightening until each base is evenly pulled down into place on both sides, carefully tightening until fully tight - don't overtighten! 
    • Now tighten the wing blade bolts evenly across both sides until tight again careful not to overtighten. 


    Tips for caring for carbon fibre parts: All of our carbon is cleared with a UV protectant clear coat. To keep your carbon looking beautiful long term it helps to wax with a UV protectant wax like Autoglym HD Wax (its also what McLaren recommend for protecting the carbon on their supercars), this will give it extra protection from the sun and help to keep it looking good for years to come. If you live in a high UV area then have it clear coated by a local automotive painter in a high UV grade clear coat for long life protection.