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Mk4 Supra Interior Alcantara Boot Sets

  • $ 89.00 AUD

Upgrade the interior of your Supra with these luxurious Alcantara Material Gear and Handbrake Boots with option of custom 'Supra' logo stitching. 


Features and info:

  • Luxurious Alcantara material gives a unique finish to the Supra interior.
  • New improved design. We have added a Stainless Steel dome to the Velcro section on the back of the gear boot. This improves fitment and solves the problem of the Velcro coming loose over time. 
  • Fits both JDM (RHD) and USDM (LHD) Supra's - Yes the 'Supra' Logo on the handbrake boot is stitched on both sides. 
  • Choose from Supra logo stitching or Plain stitch in the drop down menus.
  • Choose either the Boot "Set" (and save $) or the Handbrake or Gear boot on their own in the drop down menu. 


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              Tips for installation HERE

                With all aftermarket parts it is recommended to have a competent person complete installation, we assume no liability regarding the fitment or use of this product.