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Pro Spec 86 / BRZ Chrome Dash Ring Set - Instructions

Pro Spec 86 / BRZ Chrome Dash Ring Set - Install

Thank you for the purchase of the Pro Spec 86 / BRZ Chrome Dash Ring Set. The following is just a guide, while not overly difficult there is still a level of skill required for this install so we recommend a competent person completes the install, installation and use is at owners risk. 

What you'll need..

  • Please read the full instructions before starting
  • Stubby / short Phillips head screw driver
  • Pair of disposable latex gloves
  • Google



1. Google search 'How to remove BRZ speedo cluster' there are heaps of videos and walk-through's on how to do this online already, so we decided not to make 'another' one.. Its a simple job taking about 10 mins.

2. Once you have the speedo cluster removed from the car, take it to a bench and remove the clear plastic cover by pushing in the tabs around the outside and pulling it off.

3. Now you have exposed the dials, careful not to touch anything as finger prints can be heard to remove

4. Now its time to fit the gloves and remove the rings from the packet to get them ready for the install. Sometimes there can be a small amount of polish residue left on the rings, if this is the case you may want to give them a touch up with a nice soft polishing cloth.

5. Now, start with the centre ring and press it firmly into place. Next choose a side ring, then starting with the cut ends first and press them into place, then carefully but firmly work around the rest of the ring, pressing it progressively down into place. 

6. After fitting the rings double check they are all seated down into position, and give them a gentle polish with a soft polishing cloth if required. 


7. Re-fit the clear plastic cover onto the cluster

8. Now fit the cluster back into the car by reversing the steps you did to remove it, and enjoy the new look!  


-Pro Spec Imports Team -