Supra Dash Ring Sets Fitting Instructions


Thank you for the purchase of the Pro Spec Imports dash ring set, please note these instructions are only a guide, there is a level of skill required to fit the rings correctly and we take no responsibility for any damage caused to the rings, interior or you during installation so please be careful.

Fitting the rings.

  • Gloves should be worn as there may be sharp edges.
  • You must find the correct ring for the hole by lightly fitting the ring in the space and ROTATING until it seats correctly. 
  • All dashes are slightly different so you will find some of the rings fit perfect while others may need to be flared out slightly in order to fit snugly, using a solid smooth round object like the shaft of a screwdriver you CAREFULLY run it around the inside lip in order to flare it out SLIGHTLY then test fit again, repeat until the ring fits snugly and does not fall out.
  • If you feel the need you may use a small amount of glue on any troublesome rings but note this is not usually necessary and can get messy if you are not careful.
Cluster rings.
  • For the large rings that go on the speedo and rev counter please note they are different for the centre / left and right.
Cigarette lighter ring.
  • This is the only ring that can only be fitted with glue, clean both surfaces with white spirits and very carefully add a small amount of high quality contact adhesive (super glue etc) then carefully place the ring in the correct place and hold until glue sets.


How to flare the edge if it is required