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PSI Smoked Rain Guards / Window Visors - 86 / BRZ - Instructions

PSI Smoked Rain Guards / Window Visors - 86 / BRZ - Install

Thank you for the purchase of the PSI Smoked Rain Guards / Window Visors for 86 / BRZ. The following is just a guide, while not overly difficult there is still a level of skill required for this install so we recommend a competent person completes the install, installation and use is at owners risk. 

What you'll need..

  • Please read the full instructions before starting
  • Provided template
  • Scissors
  • Prepsol or Wax and grease remover
  • Lint free cloth 
  • Good quality masking tape



1. Cut the provided templates to size 

2. Tape the 2 x template pieces onto the car as shown below

3. Test fit the visor noting its position on the photos at steps 5 & 6, then clean the area where the tape will sit with Prepsol or Wax and grease remover.


4. Now you need to add the mounting tabs provided into the visor, push the plastic pins through the holes in the visor and into the mounting tabs.


5. Now that you are ready to install the visor peel back about 50mm of the 3M tape backing from the end towards the rear of the car, stick this end lightly in position as below, make sure you keep the peeled backing sticking up so you can access it

6. Now, get the mounting tabs into position, they fit down into the rubber gap push them in but not fully. Note the position of the front part of the visor, there is an even gap around it to the template as shown below.

7. Make sure the door opens with no obstruction. 

8. Now you have it in place start peeling back the 3M tape backing and pushing the visor gently down into place making sure the mounting tabs are sliding into the rubber gap, once the entire visor has been stuck down and the mounting tabs are all fully in place you can go back over and firmly push the tape section down hard onto the car to make sure it sticks well. 

9. Remove the templates and wipe away any residue.

10. For the other side just flip the templates over and use them again, follow the instructions again for the other side then you're all done, enjoy!



-Pro Spec Imports Team -