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Supra Genuine Leather Boot Set - Installation Tips

Tips for gear boot installation: (follow at own risk) 

  1. Remove manual surround from car (if unsure, google search) 
  2. Flip it over and you will see a large plastic ring holding the factory gear boot in place, grab a marker and mark the orientation of the ring, so you know which way to put it back on later
  3. Using a hot soldering iron melt the plastic welds that are holding the ring in place and remove the plastic ring freeing the boot.
  4. Remove the worn factory boot and replace it with the new Pro Spec Imports genuine leather boot.
  5. Fit the plastic ring back into place using your marks to line it up, then using the hot soldering iron re-melt the plastic welds to secure it back into place.
  6. Re-fit the manual surround back into the car and done! 

Tips for handbrake boot installation: (follow at own risk) 

  1. Remove factory handbrake surround (if unsure, google search) 
  2. Slide Pro Spec Imports genuine leather boot over the handbrake and pull it down firmly into place
  3. Replace factory handbrake surround and done! 
  4. TIP: If you find it moving around you can glue it in place with a hot glue gun or fabric glue (Selleys Qwik Grip works well)