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Toyota 86 Leather Boot Set Install

Toyota 86 - Genuine Italian Leather Boot Set Install 

Thank you for the purchase of the Pro Spec Imports Toyota 86 genuine Italian leather boot set, while not overly difficult there is still a level of skill required for this install so we recommend a competent person completes the install, we accept no liability regarding the installation or use of this product. 

What you'll need..

  • Please read the full instructions before starting
  • Bulldog clips
  • Selleys Kwik Grip or a similar glue  
  • Old paint brush
  • Sharp craft knife
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Clean small paint roller can be helpful
  • Ventilated area to work with glue
  • Clean old towel sheet or rag to work on
  • Patience :) 


Gear boot Install.

Manual: Follow steps below.

Automatic: The auto boot install is basically the same as the manual so follow instruction below. Point to note; at stage 3 you will also need to unscrew the gear indicator panel, just unscrew it and remove then re-attach after fitting the new boot.

1. First unscrew the gear knob and remove.

2. Now you need to remove the plastic gear surround, start by working the gear boot free over the reverse lockout (plastic piece under the gear stick) this can be done by hand or a small screwdriver may help lever the edge of the boot over the plastic lockout. Then with your hands grab the inside area where the gear boot is and carefully pull the plastic surround up, you will feel the clips coming loose just work around until the surround is completely free, the area near the buttons needs to come loose also and there is a plug for the buttons to unclip. 

      3. Once it is free remove it, turn it over and unscrew the plastic retaining ring and remove.

      4. Only remove the standard boot half way then start fitting the new leather boot, this will make the install much easier as you can copy the position of the old boot.

      5. The new boot will be tight it should be like that, if its too tight on some slits just carefully make them a little longer with a sharp craft knife, it will look like this when it is fitted to the ring.


         6.Once the new boot is in place you can reverse the first steps and its done! 



           Handbrake boot install.

          • This one is a bit trickier but not too bad just needs a little patience. 
          • First you need to remove the handbrake surround, you do this by pulling the piece surrounding the handbrake straight upwards. Start at the top by the handbrake lever at the back feel around until you find the surround and carefully pull it up, you will feel some clips come loose, continue around the surround going right down to the bottom down beside the seat always pulling it straight up.
            • Once you have all the clips loose the boot will slide right over the handbrake lever and the entire surround will come off.
            • Move to your ventilated clean work area and take close note of how the standard leather boot is fitted as you will want it to look pretty much like this once its finished.
            • Now you need to remove the standard handbrake boot by carefully peeling it off, start at the corners and carefully peel it should come off fairly easily. 
              • Test fit the new leather boot by fitting it into place and using bulldog clips around the edges to hold it into place, to protect the leather you can tape some cardboard strips to the bulldog clips gripping edges before attaching.
                • When test fitting ensure all the edges fold over nicely into place, if any areas require slight trimming or modifying now is the time to figure it out, it shouldn't require much if any modifying as fitment is very good. 
                • Now you have it sitting correctly leave the clips on and only remove as required.
                • Its time to start the gluing, start by only gluing the area around the top edge where the handbrake lever is following the instructions on the glue, by only gluing this top area first it will ensure the boot stays in place as the other clips are still holding it on. Fit the clips back around the top until the glue has set.
                  • Once the glue has set around the handbrake lever area you can glue the rest of the boot into place, ensure you cover the entire faces evenly with glue (use old paint brush to spread glue) and onto the edges on the other side. When you are ready to start gluing it down start with one corner across the big face and work your way across making sure not to trap any air this is where the clean small paint roller can come in handy to make sure the face is nice and flat. Make sure the edges are going to fold back over into the right places before flattening the face out. If using Selleys Kwik Grip we recommend putting the faces back together before the glue has set say 10 mins after application, this will give time to move it into place if required. 
                    • If everything looks right fit the clips back over the edges and leave it for the glue to set completely.
                    • Once the glue has set you can remove the clips and carefully trim any edges as required.
                      • Now your new genuine Italian Leather handbrake surround is ready to be clipped back into place in the car.
                        • Last but not least give the boots a clean with a nice leather cleaner. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy your new Genuine Leather 86 boot set!



                          Thanks from the team at Pro Spec Imports!