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Toyota 86 Logo Projector Installation Instructions.

Toyota 86 Logo Projector Installation Instructions


Thank you for your purchase of the Pro Spec Imports logo projector for the Toyota 86 GTS door. While they are a simple plug and play unit there are some handy tips below to help things run smoothly, read through the entire instructions before proceeding.

They are a high quality Cree LED projector designed to not only look amazing but also provide added safety for entering your 86 during the night by increasing visibility. 

Installing the Logo Projector:

  • Firstly remove the standard door courtesy light by using a small flat head screwdriver and carefully prising it out from the top.
  • Once you have the light out of the door you need to unplug it and remove completely.
  • Next up you plug in the Pro Spec Imports 86 Logo projector directly to the factory plug.
  • Finally you fit the new LED Logo projector into the door bottom first then pop it into the top with a swift tap using the palm of your hand.


Adjusting the projector:

Adjusting is not strictly necessary but can improve the appearance of the logo projection. Please note you must be careful not to damage the unit while adjusting, we do not cover damage to the projector during adjustment or installation so take your time and be gentle!

  • You can adjust the angle of the projector, this is useful as the light is mounted on an angle in the 86 door. Loosen the screws shown and carefully rotate the projector until it is in the correct position, test by fitting the light back into the door. Ensure the adjusting screws are tight when you have finished.



Wrongly adjusted 



Correctly adjusted




  • You can also adjust the direction the Logo is facing by rotating the piece shown below, this is not necessarily needed and is up to you which way you'd like it facing.


Enjoy your new lights! 

~ Pro Spec Imports Team ~ 

    Please note; these instructions are only a guide, for "offroad and show use only"