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Toyota Supra A80 Mk4 Carbon Fibre Door Sills / Kick Panel Set

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Premium new 'Clip In Carbon' design means our new Pro Spec Imports Carbon Fibre Door sills to suit Toyota Supra A80/Mk4 will clip into place like OEM.


Giving that touch of class only carbon fibre can provide and transforming the experience of entering your Supra for you and your passenger into something akin to a supercar.



  • All new design clips into place like the OEM door sills. Simply transfer the factory plastic clips once you remove your OEM plastic door sills (more details below) and then they clip into place! NOTE: If your factory plastic clips are worn or broken then we recommend new Genuine Toyota Clips (P/N: 67921-32010) ONLY - never use non genuine or they will get stuck in place and you won't get them out. 
  • In person the custom carbon door sills are simply stunning, high quality 3K twill weave carbon fibre parts with a high gloss clear coat to finish. 
  • Matching pair (2) so you can transform both the driver and passenger sides.
  • Fits both JDM, USDM and Euro JZA80 Mk4 Supra's '93-'01.


Supra Script Decal:

  • You can choose to add high quality long life Supra Script 120mm Vinyl Decals (2 x pcs) to the order. You will need to install the decals yourself. Check installation section below for more info.
  • High quality long life vinyl decal.
  • There is a range of colours available from the drop down menu.


Shipping Info Australia / NZ: - Safely packaged in a custom heavy duty shipping carton and will arrive safely guaranteed. 

  • Sent EMS Express - 3 to 10 working days. Tracked with signature on delivery = $39.95 AUD


Shipping Info: USA, UK, Europe, Canada, Japan etc: - Safely packaged in a custom heavy duty shipping carton and will arrive safely guaranteed. 

  • Sent EMS Express - 5 to 16 working days. Tracked with signature on delivery = $99.95 AUD


    Installation - *Should be completed by a competent person or take it to a professional. 

    1. You need to remove your factory plastic door sills first.
    2. Lift the rubber door seal / plastic edge along the top of the sills out of the way.
    3. Then, starting at the front end, carefully find the clips under the plastic sills and pop them up one at a time, it’s best to use proper trim removal tools and get to the clips, if you use a flat-head screwdriver then be careful to mask up the screwdriver and area to not scratch anything and only apply pressure where the clips are located, then once all the clips are loose you can remove the factory plastic sills completely. 
    4. Now, slide the plastic clips from your factory door sills and slide them into place on the new carbon door sills. If they are tight you may need to file or grind the mounts to allow them to slide completely on. **Never use non-genuine plastic clips, they clip into the car ok but you cannot get them out again. 
    5. Now carefully align the carbon door sill clips with the mounting holes in the car, you may need to move the clips to get it all lined up correctly, once aligned you can carefully push each clip down into place.
    6. If the carbon sills aren’t clipping down properly then you may need new clips – you must only use genuine Toyota clips P/N: 67921-32010 (we sell them just ask)
    7. If you ever want to remove the carbon sills you must be careful to only apply pressure to the clips when removing and use the correct trim removal tools and technique. Excessive pressure on the carbon door sill may cause damage so be careful to only apply pressure on the clips. 


    Optional Supra Decal install:

    • Tools needed: Tape measure, masking tape, lint free cloth, IPA cleaner
    • Wipe down the area where the decal will go with a soft lint free cloth and IPA cleaner.
    • Now lay a measuring tape in front so you can find the middle (450mm).
    • Use a 10-15cm long piece of masking tape to mark the centre and give a guide for the decal. Lay the tape down about 5mm from the edge in a straight line in the centre. 
    • Use a marker to mark the centre of the door sill (450mm) on the masking tape, then use the decal as a guide and mark the start and end point of the decal.
    • Now using the tape and its markings as a guide you can apply the decal.
    • Line up the decal with the masking tape edge and starting from one end stick it down, working slowly across flattening all the air out as you go without trapping any. Lastly peel off the backing paper and wipe down with a soft cloth to finish.


    **Photos of the Supra Script decals fitted are for example only. They do not come fitted

     Tips for caring for carbon: All of our carbon is cleared with a UV protectant clear coat. To keep your carbon looking beautiful long term it helps to wax with a UV protectant wax like Autoglym HD Wax (its also what McLaren recommend for protecting the carbon on their supercars), this will give it extra protection from the sun and help to keep it looking good for years to come.