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Supra Carbon Door Sills

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The Pro Spec Carbon door sills look amazing and will really transform the experience of entering your Supra



  • These custom door sills are stunning, high quality 3K twill weave carbon fibre parts with that excellent fit and finish that Pro Spec Imports parts are famous for
  • Matching pair so you can do both driver and passenger sides
  • Fits both JDM, USDM and Euro JZA80 Mk4 Supra's


Supra Script Decal:

  • You can choose to add Supra Script Decals (2 x pcs) to the order for $9.00 AUD
  • High quality long life vinyl decal
  • There is a range of colours available from the drop down menu
  • You will need to install the decals yourself. Check installation section below for more info.



      • Installation requires some skill, if you are unsure seek professional help
      • We recommend using an adhesive like black SikaFlex 252, prep area well with wax and grease remover and use a good masking tape to hold it in place while it sets overnight. 3M tape is an option also if done right (prep well and pre heat tape)

      • They are made to fit with the factory plastic sills removed first (they unclip). It is however, also possible to fit them over the factory plastic sills, they will be a little short at one end like this but it is not noticeable once installed

      • Optional Supra Decal install; Wipe down the door sill where the sticker will go with iso or wax and grease remover first. Lay a measuring tape in front so you can find the middle (450mm), line up the decal evenly with the edge about 5mm away, then starting from one end stick it down and work slowly across flattening all the air out as you go without trapping any. Lastly peel off the backing and wipe down with a soft cloth to finish.


      **Photos of the Supra Script decals fitted are for example only. They do not come fitted


      All parts are for 'Offroad / Show use' only