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Supra Carbon Fibre Fuse Box Lid

  • $ 179.00 AUD

**PRE-ORDERS ARE OPEN. If you order now then your order will ship when the next batch of carbon parts is ready in 3-5 weeks time. Your order will ship complete with anything else ordered at this time and tracking will be updated then**



Greatly enhance the engine bay with the Pro Spec Carbon Fibre Fuse Box Lid



  • High quality 3K twill weave carbon fibre parts with that excellent fit and finish that Pro Spec Imports parts are famous for
  • Complete replacement for the fuse box cover


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Tips for caring for carbon: To keep your carbon looking beautiful long term it requires some care, regular waxing with a UV protectant wax like Autoglym HD Wax will give it protection from the sun and help to keep it looking good.