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Carbon Fibre Mirror Covers for Supra Mk4 JZA80

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Beautiful real 3K twill weave carbon fibre moulded mirror covers specifically designed for RHD JDM Mk4 Supra's



  • Real molded 100% carbon fibre mirror covers, that cover pretty much the entire mirror and look nothing short of stunning once installed.
  • Excellent fitment and carbon work guaranteed! Each set is test fitted and quality controlled to the highest standard.
  • Easy fitment with pre-applied double sided tape.
  • Fits JZA80 RHD JDM Supra only (will not fit USDM).


What you get:

  • Pair (2) left and right side carbon fibre mirror covers to suit RHD JDM 1993-2001 Supra Mk4 JZA80
  • Pro Spec Imports Sticker and keychain.


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Installation tips:  (we recommend professional installation)

  • Clean the mirror first with prepsol or iso to remove wax and residue.
  • Then before removing the pre applied double sided tape backing perform a test fit so you know how they will sit.
  • Be careful because you dont want to scratch anything on install, you may want to mask up the area with long life masking tape first.
  • Prise open the carbon mirror cover nice and wide so it will slip over the mirror easily, pushing it firmly onto the mirror you can see where it will sit.
  • Now remove the double sided tape backing and do the final install, be sure not to let the double sided tape touch the mirror until it is in the correct position and on fully, line up the carbon edge around the mirror opening ensuring it is sitting straight and right on the edge.
  • Once fitted hold in place firmly for 30 sec, pressing around all the different sides  and the mirror opening edge so the tape sets everywhere.


    Tips for caring for carbon: All of our carbon is cleared with a UV protectant clear coat. To keep your carbon looking beautiful long term it helps to wax with a UV protectant wax like Autoglym HD Wax (its also what McLaren recommend for protecting the carbon on their supercars), this will give it extra protection from the sun and help to keep it looking good for years to come. 


    All parts are for 'Offroad / Show use' only