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JDM S2 Supra Interior - Brushed Stainless HVAC 9pc Deluxe Combo

  • $ 199.00 AUD

Greatly enhance and modernise the interior of your Supra with this comprehensive custom made JDM S2 Spec 9pc Deluxe Combo


Features and Info:

  • Stunning quality and fitment helps transform your interior into something more reminiscent of a modern day Supercar  
  • Save $21 by buying these Stainless Steel interior parts as a package deal
  • Please note dash rings are not part of this kit Click Here to see them  


Set Includes...


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                   **Please note: The coloured HVAC control buttons and lights shown in some of the photos come from a custom LED conversion and are not part of this set.




                  **Climate control unit, dash rings and LED's are not included.