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FD3S RX7 Key Blank - Polished Titanium GR6

  • $ 89.00 AUD

The FD3S RX7 is an amazing car that deserves a special key - that's where the Pro Spec Imports Titanium RX7 key comes in! 

"CNC machined from a billet block of GR6 Titanium, the keys flowing design elements, premium finish and lightweight exotic Titanium construction encompass all that the RX7 has to offer..."


 Starting your RX-7, will never be the same again...


STRICTLY LIMITED NUMBER AVAILABLE: Only 50pc Polished Titanium FD RX7 keys were made and once they're sold out we may never re-stock. The Machine finish Titanium and Frosted Titanium RX7 Keys are already SOLD OUT, act now so you don't miss out on these also! 


Features and info:

  • Solid construction with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE, yes we back our custom made Titanium keys 100% for life! (See full details below). 
  • Highly polished Titanium GR6 gives an insanely premium key finish you won't believe.
  • Strictly limited number batch of 50 only keys made to retain highest quality product - perfect fitment guaranteed with every key.
  • Each key head is CNC machined into the 3D design on both sides from 100% Titanium GR6 Billet.
  • Special design utilises normal coated nickel-brass keyblade section, this helps because locksmiths dont like cutting titanium keyblades and they can cause excess wear on the locks and ignition.
  • Yes, you can take this key to any Locksmith to be cut just like a normal key ✔️
  • Each key comes in its own Pro Spec Imports soft touch flannel key pouch (no animal products) - they make a great gift idea for that RX-7 enthusiast!
  • This is a key blank to suit all models 1993-2002 Mazda RX-7 [FD3S]
  • Exclusive Pro Spec Imports product. 


    There are 3 x Options to choose from using the drop down menu above:


    1. 'KEY' 

    What you get:

    • 1pc 'Polished Titanium GR6' FD3S RX-7 key blank
    • 1pc Soft Touch Flannel Key Pouch
    • 1pc Pro Spec Imports Vinyl Sticker


    2. '3pc Key Combo RX7 Keychain'  - Saving Over 10%

    What you get:


    3. '3pc Key Combo Efini Keychain'  - Saving Over 10%

    What you get:


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              • All of our custom made Titanium keys come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE 
              • Each key is engineered and tested vigorously for quality and durability - we build our custom made Titanium keys to last! This means if you have any issues with your key and its no longer usable you can get in touch and we'll replace it **the reason for the fault cannot be due to malicious or incompetent actions**
              • You'll just need to send the key into us explaining what happened and we'll replace it! 


              Cutting the key: 

              • The key 'blade' section that is cut by the locksmith is made from the normal coated nickel-brass (not titanium), this means no increased wear on your locks and ignition. This also means you can take it to any Qualified Locksmith for cutting like a normal key blank.
              • We recommend the locksmith to cut the key to 'code' and not 'copied' from the old worn-out key, because this can cause issues. Your cars key 'code' can be found printed on the OEM key blade, or on the door lock barrel itself, you can also get it from the VIN number at a dealer or certain locksmiths, and your old key can also be 'de-coded' to get the key code.  


              **The model car is not included and not for sale. It is an Ignition models 1/18 RX7