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Genuine Toyota Supra '97+ Series 2 'Facelift' JDM (RHD) Headlights

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New late model headlights are one of the best upgrades if your existing Supra headlights are showing their age...

You won't believe how good these brand new in box OEM Genuine Toyota Headlights look compared to your old ones. 


  • Factory OEM Genuine Toyota parts - Brand new in box.
  • Massive upgrade to old yellowed lights.
  • Fits JDM (RHD) A80 Supra only. 
  • No bulbs are included.


Shipping: (Combine Shipping with Tail Lights at no extra cost!) 

  • Sent Airmail Tracked - 15 to 30 working days. $59.95 AUD 


  • Will these fit my Series 1 ('93 - '95) JDM (RHD) Supra? They will bolt directly into place BUT the park lights are a different configuration, there are a few different ways this can be tackled depending on what setup you want. We suggest you research the different options and what is required before buying. 
  • Will these fit my USDM (LHD) Mk4 Supra? No the beam will be going the wrong way. You need LHD Specific headlights. 
  • Are the bulbs included? No they are not - you can get them from your local auto parts store.