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Premium Polished - Titanium Supra Key

  • $ 89.00 AUD

"...the new racecar inspired design is an equal mixture of both form and function, the 6 circular holes representing the 6 cylinders of the greatest Inline 6 ever created, the almighty 2JZ..."


"CNC machined from a raw billet block of aircraft grade Titanium, the quality, the fit and finish, the way it feels in your hand, it's second to none..."


Starting your Supra will never be the same again...



Features and info:

  • 'Premium Polished' Titanium Supra key has been carefully polished for a premium finish and feel.
  • Each key head is CNC machined from 100% Titanium Billet. 
  • Special design utilises OEM grade Brass Blade section for normal key cutting ability and no excess wear on the locks.
  • Yes, you can take this key to any Locksmith to be cut just like a normal key ✔️
  • Original Pro Spec Imports Design.
  • Strictly Limited number batch production to retain highest quality product.
  • Each key comes in its own Pro Spec Imports soft touch flannel key pouch (no animal products, colour can vary) - they make a great gift idea for that Supra enthusiast!


    What you get:

    • 1pcs Custom made 'Premium Polished' Titanium Supra key = $89 AUD
    • 1pcs Soft touch flannel key pouch
    • 1pcs Pro Spec Imports Vinyl Sticker


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    Cutting the key: 

    The key 'blade' section is made from OEM grade Brass (not titanium), this means no increased wear on your locks and ignition. This also means you can take it to any Qualified Locksmith for cutting like a normal key blank. If your existing key is worn, it’s better to get the locksmith to decode the old key and cut the new blank from the code (not 'copied' from the old worn-out key, because this can cause issues).


    **The 'Soft Touch Felt Key Pouch' colour may vary**