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TRD Wing Carbon Fibre End Caps (Pair)

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Enhance the look of your TRD wing with Carbon Fibre end caps.



  • The end caps are made from high quality Carbon Fibre 3K twill weave 
  • Not thin and flimsy like others on the market!
  • They come with no holes in them. This is so you can match the holes to your wing. We recommend a professional body shop for the job. Here's a tip if you attempt it yourself: Cover the area first with masking tape, sit your existing end caps over the top of these as a template so you know where to drill the holes. Use the correct size drill and drill it through in one go high speed low pressure, do not make a pilot hole first for best results


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            Tips for caring for carbon: To keep your carbon looking beautiful long term it requires some care, regular waxing with a UV protectant wax like Autoglym HD Wax will give it protection from the sun and help to keep it looking good.