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TRD Wing Carbon Fibre End Caps (Pair)

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Enhance the look of your TRD wing with Carbon Fibre end caps.



  • The end caps are made from high quality Carbon Fibre 3K twill weave 
  • Not thin and flimsy like others on the market!
  • They come with no holes in them. This is so you can match the holes to your wing. We recommend a professional body shop for the job. Here's a tip if you attempt it yourself: Cover the area first with masking tape, sit your existing end caps over the top of these as a template so you know where to drill the holes. Use the correct size drill and drill it through in one go high speed low pressure, do not make a pilot hole first for best results


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            Tips for caring for carbon: All of our carbon is cleared with a UV protectant clear coat. To keep your carbon looking beautiful long term it helps to wax with a UV protectant wax like Autoglym HD Wax (its also what McLaren recommend for protecting the carbon on their supercars), this will give it extra protection from the sun and help to keep it looking good for years to come.