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Carbon Fibre Mk4 Supra Handbrake / Ebrake Handle Replacement

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We know the leather on the Mk4 Supra handbrake handle gets old and worn out because of the age...

So, we've come up with this simple yet elegant solution. A Mk4 Supra specific Carbon Fibre replacement handle! 


FITMENT: This fits '93 to '96 JZA80 Supra with the leather type handbrake handle with stitching on the underside. 

Please note: Due to the complex and small nature of this handmade carbon fibre part there may be imperfections in the weave pattern (on the seam line down the sides). See bottom of page for more details. 


  • New Carbon Fibre version looks stunning in any Supra interior. 
  • Made from solid Carbon fiber, lightweight and strong. 
  • Integrated Stainless Steel thread hidden on the underside in the grip contains a pointed M3 grub screw, this is tightened (allen key included) during installation for a rock solid handle replacement that feels like OEM. 
  • Our handle design is an improvement over the standard handbrake handle having deep finger grooves for improved feel and tactile function.
  • Custom designed especially for the Mk4 / A80 Supra handbrake handle. 
  • Easy installation, perfect fitment - held in place firmly by hidden grub screw. 
  • Fitment - JDM Supra: We have confirmed perfect fitment on JDM 1993 to 1996 Series 1 Supra, this type has leather handle with stitching underneath. Series 2 '96+ JDM Supra's have a rubbery handbrake handle and it is not a direct replacement fit to this type of handle.
  • Fitment - USDM Supra 1993 to 1996 if it has a leather handle with stitching along the bottom then it will fit perfectly. USDM Supra 1996+ may have a rubbery handbrake handle and it is not a direct replacement fit to this type of handle.


What you get:

  • 1pcs Pro Spec Imports Custom Supra handbrake replacement handle
  • 1pcs Long grub screw and Allen key for installation 
  • 1pcs Pro Spec Imports Vinyl Sticker
  • 1pcs Soft touch felt carry bag


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              Note regarding carbon weave pattern:

              Due to the small and complicated shape of this part its very difficult to hand lay the carbon into the small mould perfectly joining the weave on the sides.

              Because of this the carbon fibre weave has a seam line down the sides that may not always line up perfectly, this does not effect the product in anyway other than visually. 


              Installation Instructions:

              (CLICK HERE for full page instructions)

              Please wear all appropriate safety equipment, follow at own risk

              1. First you need to remove your old handbrake handle leather, locate the stitching underneath. 
              2. Then using a sharp craft knife carefully cut along the stitching 
              3. Pull the stitching open. 
              4. Peel the old leather back - Carefully cut around the handbrake button so the leather can be completely removed.
              5. Remove any excess leather around the button.
              6. Now your handbrake is ready to accept the new Pro Spec Custom handle: Slide on the new replacement handle and ensure it fits all the way to the end - tighten the grub screw underneath to hold it firmly in place.



              **Only the Custom Supra ebrake replacement handle is included, no other parts shown in the photos are included.