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Paint info: - For plastic centre cap template

    Paint info:

    • This centre cap is made from tough impact, heat and chemical-resistant plastic that can easily be painted, which will make them look even better and also help them to be more resistant to the elements. 
    • DIY spray can painting is simple and can have great results if done correctly.
    • First you mask up the area where the O-ring is, as you don't want to paint that.
    • Plastic primer goes on next, we recommend Tamiya spray can.
    • Then apply paint colour of choice, again we recommend Tamiya as they are the best quality and finish with a massive range of colours available.
    • Clear coat to finish will add some depth and extra protection, Tamiya have this covered also.
    • Or, alternatively, you can take it to your local car painter, tell him its plastic and have them paint it in 2K for the ultimate paint finish.